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Sensory Solutions is a pediatric therapy clinic specializing in working with children with developmental delays. Sensory Solutions prides itself on our “family” feel. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care throughout the St Louis area for the pediatric population.

We understand the anxiety involved when a family realizes their baby/child might be atypical or delayed in development and pride ourselves on our timeliness to meet each family's needs. If it's a baby that is not walking, not talking or not eating, it's our priority to meet with you, evaluate your child and start therapy immediately.

I have not only provided therapy to  children with delays but I am also a parent of a child with A.D.D. I understand the daily struggles both in the home and in the community. Being on both sides of this condition has helped me educate families. There are no words to explain the way I feel knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of a child and her family, a difference that will last a lifetime. I am so passionate about the work that I do and feel blessed to be given the opportunity to care for these children and parents.


Sheree Behrndt, OTR/L; Owner



Feeding Therapy

Groups are led by Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and a Dietician.




Occupational Therapy

Improves the child's functional ability to perform tasks in home, school, and community settings.




Physical Therapy

Helps improve a child’s strength, range of motion, posture, balance, endurance and mobility skills.




Speech Therapy

Helps children learn to use language, and includes parents/ caregivers in the process.




Dietitian/Nutrition Services

The primary goal is to provide adequate nutrient intake to support age appropriate growth and weight gain.




Aquatic Therapy

P.T. in the pool instead of in the clinic. Children work on the same goals as in a clinic environment, but in the water!




Behavioral Therapy

The goal is to achieve a strong interpersonal relationship as well as functional, appropriate and adaptable behaviors.



We are certified in iLs (Integrated Listening System)  

iLs is based on the fact that we can change our brain – we can essentially re-wire it through specific and repeated stimulation, a concept known as neuroplasticity. As in building strength and endurance with physical exercise, we are able to build neurological pathways and synaptic activity at any age.

Children this will benefit:  

ADD/ ADHD: improvements in attention to task and decreased movement

Autism: improvements in behaviors, sensory processing and language

Down Syndrome: improvement in muscle tone and motor skills

Sensory Processing Disorders: increased organization of sensory processing

Communication Delays: improved speech, articulation, language and socialization

Motor Delays: global improvements in fine and gross motor skills

Auditory Processing: improvements in overall ability to process auditory input

Feeding Disorders: improvement in oral motor function, decreased oral aversion and feeding skills

Developmental Delays: improved strength, endurance and motor planning  



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