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teadmillPhysical therapy works to help children regain strength and mobility after injury or surgery. Physical therapy also benefits children who are premature or are born with developmental delays or congenital conditions. Therapy could include working with weights or building endurance for activities on the treadmill.

In addition, Physical therapy helps children who have experienced traumatic injury related to motor vehicle accidents, household injury, or burns, etc. When the child is medically stable, therapy helps the child to regain strength and skills. pt pictPhysical therapy can help infants as well as older children. A physical therapist helps children and their families work to achieve individual, personal goals based on the abilities and needs of the client.

Children born with cerebral palsy can work on strengthening and good alignment for positioning and play. As they progress, use of the LiteGait treadmill can help with pre-walking skills, balance, and endurance. Many children can benefit from use of the LiteGait system for walking as it helps build the pattern for walking.

skateIf you are unsure if your child is a candidate for physical therapy please refer to our Physical Therapy Referral List.