We are open for business both face to face and Telehealth.
The waiting room is closed until further notice to protect the safety of our staff, families and clients.
Families call the office from their car, the therapist meets them outside to get their child and return their child.
If the family is scheduled for an evaluation only ONE parent is allowed and no other children can attend. 

If you been exposed to COVID we ask that you call the office and cancel your appointments.
If your child has to cancel multiple times there is no guarantee that your standing appointment can be saved upon your return. 


Creve Coeur, MO 314.567.4707
St. Peters, MO 636.922.4700
Paducah, KY 270.443.5712
Murray, KY 270.767.6397

To Build Cheek Strength:

1) Using a straw and blowing cotton balls across a table

2) Blowing bubbles into soapy water through a straw


To Build Tongue Strength and Range of Motion:

1) Placing peanut butter/yogurt/any puree on corner of lips and having the child lick the peanut butter off.  Make sure their head is staying still and the child is only using his or her tongue

2) Placing peanut butter, etc. behind upper front teeth and having the child open their mouth wide and use their tongue to get the peanut butter off


To Build Lip Strength:

1) Smacking lips together as loudly as possible (have a contest with the family!)

2) String floss through a one-inch button.  Place the button between the lips and the teeth.  Close lips around the button making sure the button is not behind the child’s teeth.  Once the child’s lips are closed, play “Tug-of-War”.  Pull the floss attached to the button (firmly, but not overpowering), and have the child try to keep the button in their mouth for 30 seconds

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