We are open for business both face to face and Telehealth.
The waiting room is closed until further notice to protect the safety of our staff, families and clients.
Families call the office from their car, the therapist meets them outside to get their child and return their child.
If the family is scheduled for an evaluation only ONE parent is allowed and no other children can attend. 

If you been exposed to COVID we ask that you call the office and cancel your appointments.
If your child has to cancel multiple times there is no guarantee that your standing appointment can be saved upon your return. 


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Speech Lang 01.jpgWorking on speech and language goals doesn’t have to be a structured activity. The best way to facilitate and implement speech and language skills is through every day routines and play. The following are ideas to implement speech and language skills during meal times: talk about the various textures and tastes you and your child are experiencing, produce speech sounds (ah, nom nom, mmmm), label food/drinks/utensils, request food, drink, help, and more, comment while eating “yum”, “wow” “yay”, and talk about what they did that day (retell events) while eating. Also, meal times can be a great time to read a story book. While kids are sitting, and keeping their hands and mouths busy while eating, this is a good time to read a story book to them to provide models of language and various descriptions of pictures and people in the story.

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