Occupational therapy can have many benefits for children. School based therapists and out patient pediatric therapists can work together to help children meet their goals and increase their success. Therapists in each setting can work together to develop a unique individualized plan to increase the possibility of carryover of new skills to home, school, and out patient therapy. Plans can include sensory diets to help increase focus and attention, fine motor and visual motor skill building tasks to help increase hand writing and cutting skills, and much more.  Out patient pediatric therapy can help reinforce school based therapy and help give the parents strategies to try at home to help increase their child's success.  Working with school based therapists and out patient therapists gives children more opportunities to learn, practice, and master new skills necessary for everyday tasks.  Therapists work to increase bilateral coordination, fine motor strength, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, and reflex integration to help increase success in all aspects of life.

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