Our locations will be opening May 4 for direct therapy with precautions being taken due to COVID. 
We will have limited staff/ therapists to start and schedules will not be the same as beforehand. 
We are doing our best to accommodate everyone.
Sensory Solutions will continue to provide TeleHealth services.

Creve Coeur, MO 314.567.4707
St. Peters, MO 636.922.4700
Paducah, KY 270.443.5712
Murray, KY 270.767.6397

TeleHealth is a means for receiving therapy remotely. Utilizing the webcam and microphone on your computer or smart phone, you will connect with your therapist online. You will be able to see and talk with your therapist while they also get to see and hear you and your child. 

What services are provided through TeleHealth?

Behavioral TherapyOccupational TherapyPhysical TherapySpeech Therapy

Why use TeleHealth?

1) Treating a child in their own environment provides valuable information to the clinician which may not be witnessed at the clinic

2) The elimination of travel to the clinic especially during this period of pandemic

3) Treatment of a medically fragile child in the comfort of their own home

4) Child is most comfortable in their home setting

5) Parents are given the opportunity to participate and learn from the treatment sessions, giving them the tools needed to address issues that impact their child and other members of the family

6) Family members that are not typically able to attend clinic session are able to participate during telehealth sessions

How do I proceed?  Send us your contact information and we will be in touch. Contact Us >>

Locations and Directions

Creve Coeur, MO
Sensory Solutions - Corporate Office

Telephone: 314.567.4707

FAX: 314.567.4505

St. Peters, MO
Sensory Solutions
Suites J, K, L

Telephone: 636.922.4700

FAX: 636.922.4505

Paducah, KY
Sensory Solutions-KY, LLC
Suite A

Telephone: 270.443.5712

Murray, KY
Sensory Solutions-KY, LLC

Telephone: 270.767.6397

FAX: 270.767.6853