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The progression of feeding and skill development occurs during the first year of a child’s life, but what if that progression does not occur as expected?  As parents, we are supposed to feed our children, but some babies will not progress to table foods and/ or have a very limited diet. Many parents continue to hear the words “your child will eventually eat when they are hungry” but this does not happen. This is not the fault of the parent but instead the makeup of the child. We see parents all week long that are exhausted from multiple attempts to feed their child, fear of their child being malnourished, watching their child’s weight decrease and overall, they feel helpless that they cannot feed their baby.

Often when a child is referred for feeding therapy there is more going on than just an oral aversion. We look at the child globally while assessing the neurological make up and how they process sensory information. In most cases the child has delays in more than just feeding skills. A delay in feeding is rarely just the involvement of the mouth.

We take feeding therapy very seriously and know that progress is best with intense treatment up front. We work with insurance to see a child for multiple meals a day, multiple days a week if it is needed. If a child does not need that intensity, they are treated multiple times in a week.

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at the initial evaluation.

What to expect your first visit:

Sensory Solutions’ Feeding Team consists of our experienced Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physical Therapists, and Dietitians.

During your evaluation:

  1. You will be seen by an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist who specialize in feeding disorders.  The appointment will take 60-90 minutes.  If the Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist feel there is a need for our Physical Therapist to evaluate seating and positioning and/or our Dietitian to evaluate nutrition, referrals will be made accordingly.
  2. The Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist will collect the child’s medical, developmental, and feeding histories.  We will evaluate the child’s oral motor skills as well as feeding based on the child’s behavior.  Please make sure your child is hungry at the evaluation.
  3. Bring in any utensils, cups, bottles, pacifiers (for babies), 3 preferred foods,  3 non-preferred foods, and a 3-day food diary that will be emailed/mailed to you prior to the evaluation.

Following the interview:

  • Our Feeding Team will discuss our recommendations for your child 
  • A written report will be provided the first week of treatment following the initial evaluation
  • Or a written report will be mailed to you if your child does not qualify for services

The frequency your child will be seen is based on various factors. We may recommend two to three times a week or we may recommend a more intensive program which consists of two to three times per day, three to five days per week.  The frequency your child will be seen will be recommended the day of the initial evaluation.  Frequency may increase or decrease as your child progresses.

Accommodations for Traveling Families

We have been working with area hotels to get discounted rates for families who are traveling for our feeding program.


Drury Inn & Suites St. Louis Creve Coeur 

Reservations for less than 14 nights

Reservations for more than 14 nights


Call 1-800-DRURYINN (1-800-378-7946) and provide




Who Qualifies for Sensory Solutions’ Feeding Team?

  • Any child with a feeding tube
  • Any child with a diagnosis of failure to thrive
  • Any child with difficulty latching to a breast or bottle nipple
  • Any child who exhibits excessive spillage when drinking from a bottle or breast
  • Any child who exhibits a limited diet
  • Any child who does not chew above the age of 1 year old
  • Any child who is not gaining weight
  • Any child with a history of acid reflux and/or constipation
  • Any child that is not progressing to table foods at 12 months of age 
  • Any child who is exhibiting refusal and /or negative behaviors that are limiting his or her current diet or inhibiting progression of diet 
  • Any child that gags and/ or vomits on textures 
  • Any child who exhibits difficulty swallowing
  • Any child who refuses to swallow or holds food in his or her mouth


Please download and bring the 3-Day Food Diary

3-Day Food Diary


Download our Red Flag lists for Physical TherapySpeech Therapy, or Occupational Therapy if you are still unsure if your child would benefit from therapy. If you still have questions please give us a call or set up an evaluation.

Please download and make sure you have ALL of the proper forms filled out and bring them with you to your appointment.

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Kentucky Patients
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"Before coming to Sensory Solutions, my daughter only ate fruits and took a bottle for meals. She wouldn't eat anything other than crunchy snacks and fruits. She lost weight from not eating. Now, she eats much better. She eats most pastas, deli meats, carrots, green beans, beets, pork, beef, chicken, almost all fruits, and rice."

"My son has come a long way. He is no longer only taking a bottle. That is a big thing for him. He is eating food and drinking out of a cup now."

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